Reading Work

Reading is for MEANING. COMPREHENSION integrates the reading, thinking and reasoning enabling the young person to extract facts, identifies the main idea, understand the whole picture, make connections, inferences and draw conclusions. Another vital aspect is the progressive increase in the words used (linked to PHONIC & SIGHT WORDS) together with revision opportunities to enhance retention and LONG TERM MEMORY (LTM).

Chunking More Info
Chunking Symbol

Chunking involves organising information in a way that is going to make it easier to read and spell. The young person is encouraged to SEE / IDENTIFY pattern CHUNKS in words rather than individual letters. This facilitates blending and places less demand on working memory.

Find the Word to Match the Picture More Info
Find the Word to Match the Picture Symbol

COMPREHENSION starts with facilitating the understanding that symbolic letters are put together to form words and that words have meaning. This activity develops this understanding and EXPANDS VOCABULARY.

Join Word to Picture
Join Word to Picture Symbol

COMPREHENSION: READ THE WORD and then find the MATCHING PICTURE by DRAWING-a-LINE to conncet the word and picture.

Read Write Find
Read Write Find Symbol

COMPREHENSION: Read a word, copy it and find the matching picture.

True False or NEI More Info
True False or NEI Symbol

COMPREHENSION: Reading for meaning. The young person reads a sentence and may be asked to decide whether the sentence is True, False, NEI, (not enough information) . The activities are progressive starting with mouse-over support.

Fill in the Missing Word
Fill in the Missing Word Symbol

COMPREHENSION: A sentence with a missing word. The young person drags the word to create a sentence. Activities are progressive, starting with mouse-over sound (listening comprehension). The mouse-over support is reduced until phrases, sentences and passages are read without support.

Mixed Up Sentences More Info
Mixed Up Sentences Symbol

COMPREHENSION: The young person uses the picture stimulus to help with arranging words into the correct order to form a sentence.

Match a Picture to a Sentence More Info
Match a Picture to a Sentence Symbol

COMPREHENSION: The young person reads and studies the sentence for as long as they would like. Once they believe they understand the sentence they click try and the sentence disappears. They then have to identify the matching picture.

Sorting Sentences
Sorting Sentences Symbol

Stimulus picture with mixed up sentences. Read and then drag the sentences into the correct order.