Learning Letter Sounds and Symbols

The teaching sequence for letter sounds suggested here, is based on letter (handwriting) formation and the letter frequency of use. The rationale is to provide as many opportunities as possible to consolidate a stable and accurate visual picture of the letter shape, it's reproduction and matching sound. The visual perceptual and motor concepts reinforced are starting at the top, down, up, round, close, left to right, tall, hang down, etc. The sequence suggested is c, o, a, d, g, s, e, t, i, r, n, m, l, f, h, b, p, k, v, w, u, j, y, q, x, z. At this stage this programme does not introduce letter "names" until the sounds are consolidated. Only the vowel letter names for a, e, i, o and u are then introduced. Each letter sound has one worksheet that can be printed out and used to revisit and consolodate the concept/s covered. This provides opportunities for fine-motor skills and kinesthetic and tactile involvement.