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Educational Support Pty. Ltd. focuses on supporting Teachers, Therapists, Tutors and Parents in making reading, spelling, writing, letter formation and maths accessible to all young people. The structure has involved designing activities based on well researched THEORIES OF LEARNING DIFFICUTIES and the NATIONAL CURRICULUM. These activities have been created to provide many opportunities for the young people to revisit concepts, processes and strategies that have already been covered and explore new ones. In so doing, a clear established learning base is developed from where the young person is able to progress. Every activity is created within a framework of thoroughly researched theoretical principles, moving well beyond just the retention of content. At the start of every activity some of these goals/skills are explicitly stated making it easier for educators to record these skills/ goals into their lesson planning.

The levels used on this website correlate with the Australian National Curriculum. However, the content of each activity is kept neatly focussed to enable the flexible planning for INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED “SET” PROGRAMMES by educators across year levels and across countries.

The basic premise is that all children want to achieve and learn. These activities will provide the opportunity for them to experience success, increasing their ability to take up the opportunities the classroom provides. None of this is possible without the consistent involvement and interest of the adults around them. This site facilitates contact between home, therapists and school to enhance the young person’s engagement and motivation.

Any ideas on how we could further enhance the activities or the site would be gratefully appreciated.


The availability of information on the Website does not constitute a recommendation by Educational Support. You acknowledge that your use of information from the Website is at your own risk. You understand and agree that any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Website is done at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any repercussions arising from it.

Teaching and Learning is a complex process requiring expertise particularly when things go wrong. Educational Support does not guarantee that access to the activities will guarantee progress.

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