ASSESSMENT is a process of gathering information to IDENTIFY TEACHING OPPORTUNITIES or for the design of an intervention programme. Information can be gathered observing the young person, using rating scales, check lists, dynamic or informal testing and at other times formal testing. Classroom teachers and parents are a vital source for this information.

Perceptual and Processing Testing More Info
Perceptual and Processing Testing Symbol

These activities assess some of the VITAL UNDERLYING SKILLS needed for learning to spell, read and write. Some of these skills involve the ability to sequence objects and accurately reproduce patterns.

Sound-Symbol Association Website Assessment More Info More Info
Sound-Symbol Association Website Assessment Symbol

A stable and quick SOUND / SYMBOL association is vital for reading and spelling. This WEB-BASED assessment activity provides vital information as to where additional support is required. SET (A) provides mouse-over for the picture + letter sound. SET (B) does not provide mouse-over for the letter sound. This therefore requires the ability to analyse a word for the initial sound.

Sequencing Sounds to form Words Test More Info
Sequencing Sounds to form Words Test Symbol

The young person is required to Listen to the mouse-over word linked to the picture. Then listen to the individual sounds linked to three coloured boxes by letting the mouse stop on each box. The young person then drags the sounds / boxes into the correct order to form the word (phonological processing).

Phonics Test More Info More Info
Phonics Test  Symbol

This phonic spelling test will identify a starting point from where teaching can start. Select the automated assessment program for a differentiated intervention program. Additional activities can be added to further personalise programs.

High Frequency Words Test More Info More Info
High Frequency Words Test Symbol

This spelling test will identify a starting point from where teaching can start, providing an opportunity for a program that is differenciated. Select the program option within the young persons admin page for automated assessment and program design.

Reading Test More Info
Reading Test Symbol

Gather information as to how the young person generates meaning from text. Simultaneous and Successive Processing are vital for the comprehension skills involving literal understanding, sequencing, inference, prediction and evaluation of text.